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Leap By Agus Tjiu

Category : Tjiu Magic Production
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Leap is a Coin-Through-Glass (or Ring-Through-Glass) effect, greatly improved in its presentation and method versus "the old days."

There have been many great methods available in different formats, such as a pedestal under a shot glass inside of a larger glass, an item resembling a coaster, to utilizing a table.

Some of those items are inconvenient to bring along and use for close-up magic or table hopping.

Leap, therefore, was developed for this effect - it is much easier to use, more convenient to bring along, and doesn't look suspicious.

And it utilizes something that most magicians already carry with them -- a deck of cards!

Hence, Leap is born.

- A signed coin visually penetrates a solid glass, landing in a shot glass inside the larger glass!
- Or, a marked finger visually penetrates a solid glass, landing in a shot glass inside the larger glass!
- Easy to do
- Looks natural -- accomplished with an innocent-looking gimmick
- No electronics -- everything is in your complete control
- Simple method -- one-hand touch

What you get:

- A shot glass
- Red Card Box
- Blue Card Box replacement
- Instructions

You will amaze your audiences with Leap!

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Product Review

4 Comment(s)
JosuaJfs - 27 Februari 2019 22:36:58

suriadi - 29 Agustus 2018 21:01:44

Wijaya P - 28 Juli 2017 14:21:35
Mantab.... One of the most visual magic trick. Kualitas mantab, & bonusnya luar biasa 😀

Achfaz Edo - 14 Juni 2017 23:10:11
The best coin penetration. Suka banget sama produknya. Very, very, very easy to do. Sukses bro..#01

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